There are a lot of complex obstacles in the way of employers providing the best possible healthcare benefits coverage to your employees, but one of the biggest is simple: a lack of education.

Traditional healthcare benefit arrangements brokered with large providers can be frustrating and complicated for employees to wade through and understand. The vernacular alone can prove to be prohibitive. And if your employees don’t have coverage through work and have to navigate the marketplace, the difficulty can be even worse.

According to the latest yearly study by PolicyGenius on healthcare consumers, 80% of those enrolling in healthcare through the marketplace aren’t aware of the key elements that providers are required to offer under the Affordable Care Act.

A quarter of survey respondents actually believed that the ACA (better known as Obamacare) had been repealed.

The confusion has been especially centered on changes made in recent years to the healthcare marketplace, an understandable side effect to a tumultuous several years in the political and health insurance landscape.

But the consequences of that lack of understanding are real. We’ve talked before about the staggering numbers of workers and their families who remain uninsured.

That risky position leaves workers without preventative care — or stuck under the impossible weight of extravagant hospital bills.

That’s why Captiva has built into our approach employee education at every step of the way. We equip you to educate your employees on reference-based pricing so they understand how it works.

We put in place concierge-style customer service that allows employees to have personalized input and access to real facts to choose what they need (a practice Fortune says automatically cuts costs).

And we support you in continued yearly education efforts so that when the healthcare industry continues to change, your employees can learn how to navigate it.

When employees are educated about their healthcare and how it’s being implemented at every step of the process, it’s a win for everyone: workers spend less time sick and have their care more effectively covered when they do need it. Your business is able to offer more effective benefits at a lower cost to both you and the recipients.

Are you ready to implement that kind of win-win scenario in your own business? Captiva Benefit Solutions is here to empower employers and employees of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to make the best healthcare decisions. Contact us to get started today.